Posted: 2 September, 2015 by Daniel Leach

Time to cringe about 80's fashion

Do you really want it to come back?

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Late last week, the internet gave me a moment of reminiscing and revoltion.

80's fashion.

Oh yes, we look back at fashion fondly at times, but more often than not, with a look on our face like we've smelt a rotten egg.

Models in the 80's had to really up their game now that TV was ruling the roost more than magazines.

This gem is from Hint Fashion Magazine - a tutorial on how to model in the 80's.

80s Modeling Compilation

Learn how to be a model from super cheesy how-to VHS tapes from the 80s, brilliantly compiled by Found Footage Festival. (

Posted by Hint Fashion Magazine on Monday, 24 August 2015

Things I enjoyed

  • The men in this video do not care for style. The guy's hair at 0:34 should be evidence enough.
  • Mario and Tiffani from Saved By The Bell! Wow, they really brought out the big guns.
  • Denise Richards! She would have only been around 15 or 16 then, and looked a lot more like the girl next door to what we saw in Wild Things

Oh 80's fashion, please stay as far away as possible.

Tags: Fashion, 80's

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